All Work and No Play

I have mentioned a few times how the stress of work invades my home life from time to time. I have been grateful that between my wife, my children, and I, we have found ways to cope. It is one of the reasons that I stream on Twitch. I also enjoy reading, playing games, or just getting outside with the kids. When we moved to this house, I lost to my wood shop (one will be coming… but GOD knows when). But things, even on that front, are changing.

It was announced that the company which I work for was going to be entering into a joint ownership. Needless to say, this makes EVERYONE uneasy. People have been crawling out of the woodwork asking my shop to, for a lack of a better word, help build their portfolio. Now, because I was raised this way, I immediately committed that I would be here through transition, and beyond if offered the opportunity. But, needless to say, tensions are high, stress is accumulating, and eyes are everywhere.

Now my days have become filled with trying to ensure my down-line has the bandwidth to take care of the things that are critical for day-to-day as well as in preparation for the transition. As well as listening to people propose ideas that should have been brought up years ago, and expecting me to do it in an instant. So, work-life is a bit rough. But, I am vigilant in what needs to happen, and keeping my eyes open.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always

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