Asher’s Marvelous Wayfaring -11/21/19 Update

For a kid that is only 18 months old, four months is a HUGE chunk of time! So much going on as he grows, develops, and explores. Ah, the age of exploration. One filled with so much joy, and so many bruises.

Asher seems to be such an even mix of his older three siblings that it is purely fascinating to watch. It is fun to watch him look at new things. The head tilt and peering, wide-opened, eyes. There are these moments where I catch an amazing sense of wonder in his expressions. These expressions remind me of a kid at Christmas looking at the tree all lit up in a splendorous display of untold magic and joy. Still, reverent, and awesome moments. Then, like a toddler, he sees something shiny and is distracted by something new. In a flash, the moment passes.

Roll, crawl, run, climb

In a blink, Asher went from the low crawl to walking and climbing. I know, I know…. EVERYBODY says that. But really. With the last big update, he was kind of rolling over and crawling. Now, when I get home from work, he quickly walks up to me at the door with his siblings welcoming me home. This, of course, means that as he explores, there are now more falls, and resulting bruises.

I am so thankful that with Zoey we adopted the “try again” mentality. When he falls, we do not make a big deal of it. We encourage him to get up, on his own, and try again. It is amazing how little fear he has, and how fast his confidence is building. Of course, trying to keep up, or get away from Zoey, David, and Jacob can be reason enough for him to be progressing as fast as he is.

A smile that lights the room, and a laugh to match

Asher is just so… happy. With a little look, a wink, or a silly face his eyes light up, a huge still somewhat toothless smile beams, and a laugh fills the room. He is also VERY aware of cameras, and is a bit of a ham. Not that I am complaining, he is adorable.

The obvious flip side to this is that when he is angry, every one in the house knows it. But, the constant giggle makes all of us smile. He thrives a little on attention, but does not disruptively seek it. He loves to ‘run’ across the room to me and collapse into my lap as a pile of laughter and kisses.

Last, but never least, here is the update on how Asher is doing.

Babbling Brooks Sometimes Sing

With that giggle we have also realized he is quite the mimic. For the first time I am actually watching what I say MUCH more than normal. He has a love for music, and will often sing songs to himself, by himself, and be almost 100% correct on tone and tempo. I mean, he comes from great musical stock, but he is the one that is showing this ability far earlier and far better than the others.

His mixture of focus, using it as a soothing technique, and the smile when he realizes we are listening is adorable. I need to get some videos of this and get them up on Instagram. It is something awesome.

I cannot wait to see who he decides to become as he grows up. Much like his siblings, it will be a joy to watch him come into his own. I cannot wait to see what things he will get into, besides the spice and Tupperware cabinets.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always

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