Creative weekend leads to a busy week.

It happened. I was able to get three solid hours of sleep. I know, it does not sound like much. But when you have been averaging less than two hours between wake ups (kids, dogs, stress) three is heaven. I sat up, tired, but somehow renewed. Awaking from a dream filled with busy hope and mired in fun, stressful, ideas.

All of it had to do with Dungeons and Dragons. Perhaps it was because of how tired I was at the end of the game the night before, or my churning mind preparing for the week to come. My mind was buzzing with ideas. So many ideas, and a fair amount of excitement. But mixed with this all was worry that I was jumping too far into the deep end. So, I turned to my most trusted adviser, on all things.

After some conversation with my beloved bride, we came to a decision about things surrounding Dungeons and Dragons, and it is amazing. Making some announcements THIS WEEK when we are live on Twitch. But there are some awesome things in flight. The upside is the excitement that these new things will bring, and the enjoyment of tackling new problems, and challenges.

There are SOME out there that know portions of what I will be announcing. The ones that I have shared parts of this idea with think it is going to be interesting. I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone. Check us out on Friday, 8pm EST. Head over to Twitch and search for CranioDad or just take this link HERE.

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