Dad 2.0


Have you ever had that sweet experience with a significant other or best friend where they get so ridiculously excited? And you can only imagine that they must have looked just like this every Christmas morning as a kid? That is my @craniodad tonight. He is so pumped about the Dad conference this weekend, and it all goes up a little more every time he hears about another added sponsor or event. I am so excited for him! This will be a much-needed breather and mini-vacation while fueling up for more craziness in real life and online. Well done, Dad 2.0. You are already surpassing expectations and it hasn’t even started yet.

@minorinspirations This is true. #dad2summit is something I have been excited about for three years. Thursday, my time has come. I will miss the crap out of you and the kiddos though.

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