David’s Continued Accent – 11/19/19 Update

David is at the age of inquisitiveness. He sees the expanse around him and wants to learn how it works. If ever I have seen a child with a mind for problem solving, logic, association, and engineering, he has it nailed down. He is not one just to ask “Why” anymore. He wants to figure out all of the why’s. It is amazing.

David also has a ton of energy. No, not hyper. He is just always… doing. Mixed with his mindset, sigh, I see a lot of me in who he is. This is scary and awesome. I hope to cultivate his curiosity, and watch him drink in all of the knowledge, and secretes, this world has.

Upward Soccer

This fall we signed him up for soccer. He has only been asking for two years, so we thought it to be about the right time. There was a fair amount of apprehension when we went to the first practice. How would he do? Would he listen? What does a ‘team’ mean to him? These and about a thousand more questions of doubt filled our minds and hearts.

So, we set up the chairs on the sidelines, held our breath, and waited to see how it would go.

From the very first moment, he loved it! He had so much fun, and did the best he could with learning how to play. He quickly became friends with his teammates, cheering for them when they did anything.

Game after game, his skills blew us away. Putting his speed to work he would run from one end of the field to the other before many could cover half. This kid is not going to be a goalie or defense like I was, no, much more forward.  Sure, there were times that his attitude got him in trouble. But, for a first season, I am beyond impressed.

I cannot express enough how awesome it was to see the respect that he had for others. Aside from a few times that he may have pulled someone back to get to the ball…. and ALL of the kids did that from time to time… they are FIVE, he was just… amazing.

Before the end of the season he was already talking about playing next season, and hoping that he gets the same coach.

I have already put the money aside.

They did not keep score, nor should they at this age. But I know he learned a ton, loves the game, loved his team (The Little Rams), and had a blast. I cannot wait to see how this goes.


David is testing at a level almost two full grades above his age for math. He is asking about multiplication, division, and finding X. For a long time I thought he was talking about being a pirate and looking for treasure. In his mind I think they are linked, and I am 100% okay with that.

I have vowed NOT to hold him back. If he wants to learn calculus (because he ALREADY knows that is needed for physics and he has questions) when he is eight… so be it. The advantage of homeschooling is we can do that, with no fear, and watch him flourish. He is doing great at reading, and when he takes time his writing is nothing short of impressive.

We have been talking about something for him to do in the near future. Zoey has American Heritage Girls, so I think we will be looking into something like that for him. Soon.

His love of Minecraft

David loves Minecraft, and is enjoying figuring it out. Depending on the day it is either Minecraft, or Sea of Thieves. Yes, he has already asked me to build Sea of Thieves in Minecraft. Yes, I am already working on some plans.

But, there is nothing special about that, right? Don’t most kids love Minecraft? How about asking their dad to stream Minecraft, on their birthday, instead of playing with the new toys, and building a birthday cake for them, that blows up? Because, that happened. Here is a clip of the end, the laugh… my God his laugh.

Each child is different. Sure, there are some similarities between them. But there are these sparks that are undeniably their own. Capturing those sparks is like catching lighting in a bottle, and just as difficult.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

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