Game night jitters, and I have missed posting here!!!!

I mentioned HERE that I
would be carrying on the conversation about what I am doing tonight for Dungeons
and Dragons here on Tumblr.  I miss
posting directly here, so this is one of the many things that I will be only
posting on tumblr (sorry in advance).
Anyway, tonight is going to be awesome.
We are getting back into Dungeons and Dragons, and I have been preparing
for this night for ~6 weeks.  See, as DM
I made the call that the current journey that the party is on was going a
direction that was spinning out of control.
I debated for a long time about what to do, and finally just asked the
group if I could find a way to have us all start anew, if they would roll with
it (yes, I am a dad, I am a DM, and that is a pun).

So, I am having the
players draft a squire.  Yep, bringing
fantasy football (which has been called the jock of Dungeons and Dragons) into
D&D.  But drafts have rounds? Yep,
and here is what I am willing to say about what is going to happen tonight.

I have created 10
toons and the players will be interviewing them, one at a time.  They have the limitation that they cannot
select the same class as what they are currently playing, and I am making that
even more difficult.  Each of the new
toons has some tie in to the current player’s history, and it just so happens
that they cannot select that one.  Once
selected the squire will then be sent on the next part of the journey, and that
is who they will be playing for some time.

But how are you making

There are wild cards
that either have a positive or negative effect on the new toon that they may
want to trade.  The way that we are going to get more than one round out
of all of this is based on those wild cards. After all the interviews, and a
time of deliberation, they will be presented with the wild cards and we will
begin.  Draft order will be determined by rolls (checks determined by a d6
roll by me) and they will have the opportunity to take one of 4 actions per

Those actions are:

  • Trade wild cards with
    another player or DM (only a roll of natural 20 can prevent a wildcard from
    being taken). 
  • Draft a player.
  • Ask a question of the
    DM or of a Toon.
  • Pass.

At the end there will
be one more round for wild cards and then some other stuff will happen.

I will be posting all
the wild cards later, but they are awesome.
There is also the mechanic that the longer they take to draft, the worse
the penalty/benefit from the wild card is.

I will be rolling 1d20
before handing the wild cards out to determine if they will be able to discuss
the ones that they have been handed, and have them out… or if they will only
know the one that they have.  The extras
that will be in front of me, must remain sealed until after the draft.

There is so much more, and I am over excited about this.

But it is going to be awesome.

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