Getting Ready, and prizes?

Getting things ready to go live. I have become much more dedicated to the things that I am working on for Twitch. How much, there are prizes for the followers that I get on my channel. Every time that we hit 20, gifts will be given as giveaways for the followers will be launched.

Starter sets, dice, dice bags, books, and the highly coveted alternate cover limited box with the Players Hand Book, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, and DM Screen! The only set that I have, unopened, and ready to be given away.

There is also a new intro, with a hidden announcement that I will talk about on Tuesday. It premiers tonight.

It feels good to have this to sink my teeth into. I have no idea where it will take me, but in the end, it is just me and my friends sitting down to play Dungeons and Dragons. That is what counts.

Swing by my channel tonight and check us out! Following is free! For now, time to tidy up and get everything up and running. See you online tonight at 8pm est.

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