In Sickness And…

For the last FEW weeks we have been battling whatever the hell sickness has been ravaging so many homes around here. There was a point, last week, that out of a staff of 20, SIX were able to make it into work. SIX! Though this is still persisting, we are finally trudging through the final thralls of it. I believe that ‘patient zero’ was identified at work… and I am still pissed about it.

As parents we HATE to see our kids hurt or sick. Even when I was running a fever and wanting nothing to do with life, I would hear them cough and just want to take their sickness away. To add it to my own, and deal with it. For roughly three weeks, our home did not have much laughter, running, playing, or the cacophony of life that normally fills the space between our walls. It was depressing.

Now that the weather is in the horribly quixotic state, dropping to high-20’s some nights and raising to mid-60’s some days, I am certain that we will again have some sickness in our home… soon.

Burn it with fire.

Live big, love bigger,

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