Jacob’s Endearing Sojourn – 11/20/19 Update

Over the past few months Jacob has blossomed into an even brighter three-year-old than I could have imagined. He has always been the laid back, happy, yet keeping up one. Our home and yard have been filled with his laughter, and cries of ‘Guys, I’m coming too” as he calls after Zoey and David. He has also entered the age of investigation. He is beginning to see the world around him, and some of the gears that make things tick.

Potty Training

This is always a sore subject in our home. However, Jacob is trying, and succeeding. We are still early on in the stages, but he is making leaps, and bounds. Sure, there are minor setbacks, but he powers through. Perhaps it is the promise of swim lessons and soccer that are driving him. But I feel it is because David finally thwarted the confines of a diaper more than any other force. Before long, another child will no longer require diapers, and our grocery bill will get a bit lighter.

Blowing Past The Terrible Two’s

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, but I laugh at those that talk about the Terrible Two’s as a thing. For our first two children the Tyrannical Three’s were what had the power to drive us to drink, sobbing exhaustedly in the dark of night. However, six months in and Jacob is still the happy, loving kid that he has always been. Yes, there is the streak of independence that causes the aforementioned terrible two’s and tyrannical three’s. Yet this only seems to rear its nasty head when he is tired, or sick, which is not often.

It could also be said that we have learned that when our children ask “why?” that we can never respond with “why not?” (which, incidental is the only correct philosophical answer to the question why), or worse “because I said so”. Instead, we know that they really want to know the why. They are trying to figure out how things work, and answering that question will quell the fight before it starts. That for this single fact, Jacob’s threes are FAR less… angsty… than Zoey’s or David’s were on a good day. I prefer to think that it is just because he is that laid back.

Strength Unyielding

Jacob has always been strong. He has had to be with Zoey and David being as animated as they are. Since he could walk, he has been able to tackle me. Even now he routinely lifts his brothers and sister well off the ground, with ease. I am pushing for Hockey or Lacrosse for this boy, if he wants. He quickly shifted after watching PJ Masks and calls himself Gecko, because “I is strong like Gecko Daddy!”. But, there is something more about his strength. If you are not looking for it, you just might miss it.

His is the quiet strength. The resolve and determination that does not seem to tax him. He also shows an incredible amount of restraint for a child his age. Gentle as a lamb, then strong as a bear. As he grows, we hope to continue to foster this aspect about him. It will take him very far, and make him very great.

We are now at the age of finding things to do with him. He is just young enough that there are some limits to what he is allowed. But he is so bright. Yet another advantage of homeschooling is that my dear, sweet, three-year-old has learned a fair amount of math, science, and language arts just by watching the others go through it. This blessing makes is also challenging when trying to explain that he cannot go play soccer yet because he is too young.

In time, doors will open, and I will not be able to hold him back. For now, he can cuddle with me as we read through an anthropology book, and he can ask me all questions that I can answer.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always

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