No DnD this week….


Due to many schedules not lining up, we will not be holding our weekly session.  However, this means that I will be able to make more ground on my setup for a bimonthly game!  

I am doing all I can to see who would be interested in a Saturday game, twice a month, on roll20, playing 5e……

If you are interested, message me!  

I am hoping to start working with a party of 4-6+ NEXT MONTH! We will have a few sessions in an environment I am calling the proving grounds that will NOT be recorded.  I want to have everyone get a chance to know their toons, get to know roll20, and get ready to go.  I am looking for all levels of experience with play, and all classes. The intent will be to record/broadcast our sessions on YouTube (or some other medium) and we will be walking through the Storm King’s Thunder module from start to finish.  My goal will to be able to show everyone the fun that we all have while playing DnD, and how to play as well. This is a good chance for those of you out there that have never played, but want to give it a shot.  This is also a chance for those of you that love to play to have another, regular game.   Hey, if Saturday’s do’t work…. we can discuss that as well (just note that Thursday’s are out). 

Please feel free to share this post, help me get the word out.  I am really looking forward to this and hope to have more information soon.  For now, this blog will be where I pass most of the information along.  

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