Playing Games & Making Friends

You know, there is a lot going on about streaming platforms right now. I cannot speak to most of the issues because I am a small, part time, affiliate streamer. Perhaps that is why my experience is so vastly different? But I have been loving watching my community grow, being welcomed into others, and building another one that is amazing. Not only is this my venting place, but it is a chance to do something fun, relax, and have a great time.

Over the past few months my love for this game called Sea of Thieves has been tested, and still remains unmatched. It is over this game that I bonded with a couple of other fantastic streamers (RaleMaximus and Weazeltoe) and we have formed a community. It is not about building each other up, it is about how we have an absolute blast playing with each other. The laughter it genuine and a common thing. We plan together, play together, and bring the best out of whatever we are doing.

Rale is a fantastic streamer with an amazing on-screen presence that had me laughing in the first few moments of watching him. Weazel is also a phenomenal streamer, with a quick wit. Between the two of them they stretch me to be a better streamer. Truth be told, it is our combined quick wit, and shared sense of humor, that allow the laughs to bellow forth. Sometimes, at the end of the night, my sides ache from laughing so much. It is such a good feeling. It truly does not matter what we play, it is always awesome.

It is the advent of this joint community (The Misfortune’s Glory Crew) that seems to have offset much of the recent stress that work has brought my way. We have some crazy ideas, and an even crazier time. Is this coming from shameless self-promotion. No, you all should know me better than that.

I have been fortunate enough to find a place on Twitch that allows people like me to get together and have a blast. I am constantly learning from other, amazing, streamers of ways to make things better. There is a huge amount of support and understanding that is positively pervasive, especially in the Sea of Thieves community. Even the biggest streamers are there to support little folks like me.

If you find yourself in the thick of a stressful life. Find your community. Be it twitch, or something else, find a place where you can create, learn, and participate. On Twitch, my life is filled with conversation about all things, and laughter. I was able to raise money for Cranio Care Bears (A mind-numbing $620.00 US in less than 11 hours) while raising awareness about craniosynostosis to a whole bunch of people that had never even heard about it. I have watched some amazing things unfold, and even been part of some of them. But mostly, I found my voice. My place, filled with laughter, good friends, and adventure. You know what, it is the kind of place where one can…

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

PS. For SOME shameless self-promotion some links have been scattered above for you.