This WAS going to be a week

Filled with travel, fun, laughter, and bonding. But then there was life.

Dad 2.0 is this week in San Antonio. I was planning on taking my family, letting them hang with family nearby as I attended speakers, met with friends, renewed my resolve as a father. But then there was life.

I had plans for our blog to be bigger, to dive deeper, to be talked about by now. Hoping that my voice would not seem to speak into the winds. But then there was life.

I stand on the edge of exhaustion, looking into the abyss of dismay, not seeing the shores of sleep. I was going to use this time to take a break from work. Getting away from it all. But then there was life.

Because of life, this is not going to be the week that we travel, that those friends will not be met, conversations not had. I could be upset that life is doing it’s thing, disrupting my hopes yet again.


I will have more time filled with my children’s laughter. Because that IS life.

There will be trips to do things as a family, making memories. Because that IS life.

I may be able to even take my beloved bride on a long overdue date. Experiencing her beauty, grace, and general awesomeness away from the kids. Because that IS life.

I am going to be able to continue to do things that are needed not just for those that I work with, but for the community of people that we help every day. Because that IS life.

I will have time to play Dungeons and Dragons (on both sides of the screen) with friends. Because that IS life.

I will be working on new things for my twitch, having ANOTHER phone call with someone that wants to provide some things for giveaways for my channel. Because that IS life.

There are things that we all want to do. Adventures we want to experience. Roads that we want to travel. We could pine for the journeys that never happen. Or we can enjoy the road that life has us on. The latter will provide legacy, memories, laughter, and growth, while the former may only be a flash of a moment in time.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

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