Hi! I’m Cranio Dad. Thanks for stopping by.

In what seems like a blink, time has passed so quickly. I began my journey as many do, seeking answers. Now, I provide discourse on the trappings of life as a dad, a Dungeon Master, a pirate on Sea of Thieves, a Twitch streamer, a human. My focus has shifted little since my moniker was decided for me. I seek answers to the countless questions and provide what I know from first hand about what life is like when you have a child with Craniosynostosis.

But that is not all that I write about. Life is a myriad of happenstance and occurrence. Cataloging that life can be done countless ways. For some it is a picture of the meal in-front of them. Others, it is a recording of their voice. My medium of choice has long been written. But now I am growing into broadcasting. Letting out there a part of my life that is still new, and fun.

So here, you will find rants, raves, heartbreak, inspiration, stories, memories, questions, and answers. Above all, you will find me. Visages of me in the moments that I choose to remember. More importantly, the particles of time that my kids may one day go back and remember through my eyes, my words, my place. After all, our children are the legacy that we leave in this world. Everything else, grains of sand in the hour glass.

I encourage you to explore. Seek me out on social media. Read this periodically updated recount of events that is what this blog is becoming. Find the parts of me that resonate with you, and let me know. Also, find the parts that you can’t understand, and try. Challenge to see my world, through my eyes, with your experience.

Live Big, Love Bigger, and Be Kind, Always.