Throughout life, we all struggle with identity.  For some, this struggle makes the epochs of their lives; for others, it is something realized in passing.  I am a very busy dad of three amazing children. Zoey (4) has shown us what it takes to be strong even though she did not have a choice. David (2) is our boy with a golden heart. He is fiercely protective of his older sister, yet wears his heart on his sleeve. The newest addition to our family is Jacob (newborn). Needless to say, he is still busy showing us who he is going to be.

As the sole income for our family of five I work full time at an MCO in Richmond, VA and I love my job. In 2012 I began blogging in preparation to become a dad. I do my best to cover topics such as craniosynostosis, how life is different as a Cranio Dad, all aspects of fatherhood, and life in general. I also have a standing game night on Thursdays where I most frequently act as a Dungeon Master for a bunch of 30-somethings while we relive our childhood, and drink.

Yes, my life is busy, but it is full of good things. I fully take on the responsibility of teaching my kiddos to live big, love bigger, and to be kind, always.

Cranio Dad?

On April 10th 2012 I took on an identity that I never knew could exist… Cranio Dad.  To some, this may sound like some crazy superhero (or villain) that has never gained enough popularity to grace the colorful pages of a comic book.  But I feel that the truth may be more incredible than fiction.

My daughter, Zoey, has bicoronal craniosynostosis, as well as a few other genetic anomalies.  My beloved bride and I have helped our darling daughter through multiple surgeries, and there are many more to come.  I could allow myself to become downcast and beaten by all that my sweet little girl has going on. Instead, I have embraced it and, proudly, I am a Cranio Dad.

After realizing that there was little support for the fathers of children with Craniosynostosis, I decided that I could use my new identity as Cranio Dad to change that. To show that world what life, for us, is like, and that I am a cranio dad, I am scared out of my mind, and that my daughter is a superhero.


Want to learn more about cranio, what the causes are, and how it is treated? Then check out the information I have compiled here: FAQ. If there is something more you want to know, you can always ask!